1. Geography (Where is it? Borders? What`s the weather like? Etc.)
  2. Capital
  3. Flag
  4. Currency
  5. Population. Distribution (How many people live there? Where do they live?)
  6. Government. (Is there a president? Is there a prime minister or a king? Who is he/she?
  7. Important cities or areas
  8. Culture notes:
  • -Symbols
  • -Special celebrations or holidays
  • -Special English accent or words?
9. Any other special feature you want to mention.

- Find information about the topic using any resource, for example:
British culture and life - An introduction to British Life and Culture

- Write notes with the information. Show the teacher these notes before the presentation.
- Use visual aids (powerpoint, pictures, postcards, etc.) to help you in your presentation.
- Please don´t use difficult or technical words. If so, explain the meaning.
- Speak for 2-3 minutes max.

INTRODUCTION: Beginning a presentation

  • The topic of my presentation today…
  • Today, I’d like to tell you about…
  • Let me begin with…
  • My presentation today deals with…
  • First, let me start with…

BODY: Moving from one subject to another
  • Moving to another subject,
  • Now we’ll move on to…
  • Let me continue with…
  • Next, … external image clip_image002.jpg
  • Turning to…

CONCLUSION: Finishing a presentation
  • Well, to sum up,
  • To conclude,
  • Finally,
  • That’s all I have to say…


1. Alexis, a second grade American student speaks about SPAIN (please forgive her for confusing Spanish flamenco with Mexican dance!):

2. Zhen's presentation about soy milk (good expressions)

3. Mohammed talks about the most beautiful place in the world.

4.A group of students show us how to give a good presentation (very good video!)

You will find more examples of presentations in YOUTUBE by searching ESL PRESENTATION.